one of my great hates in life is packing…….but i hate unpacking even more so actually packing isn’t the worst.

i hate the fact that i have to decide in advance what will my mood make me want to wear in a day, in 2 days, in 3 days, in a week i don’t know what i want to wear tomorrow morning let alone anything after that………..then when that dilema is over and you managed to take your entire wardrobe except for that lousy grey top (which in fact it was a mistake, for that is the one top you will wish you would have taken with you…..since all the other 56 tops will not do the job)

where was i….yeah, when the clothing dilema is over you come to the shoes…oh my, being a shoe-a-holic doesn’t make life any easier as i have even less of a clue of what will my mood wings take me to when it comes to what shoes i would like to wear… you start small i’ll need a pair of trainers, a pair of sandals, a pair of flip flops, a pair of pumps, 2 pairs of heels one casual one evening… already 6 pairs…then you notice, oh but i might need to wear the yellow pair, but what about the blue ones they go great with most of my clothes, ahhh the black little heels my favourit…and what about the new ones i just bought…..ouch already over 10 pairs i know i will not wear even half of them id probably end up licing in one of them for the entire stay but still i manage to pack an average of 2 pairs for every day…you see i suffer from the “you never know” syndrome (sometimes also called the “just in case” syndrome”)

now what…oh jewlery, yeah jewlery what a great idea let me empty the entire content of my jewlery box into this bag and then i can decide what to wear one i am on the other side…..done? noooo can’t be that easy, all i need is a travel iron, my hair dryer a couple f towels a wide range of makeup since “you never know” oh oh oh shit evening wear ok lets take theeeeese tops (theeeese is to convey many) and also this dress, this dress and that dress oh and this one too “just in case” and besides it goes great with almost all my shoes.

great all done yeeeeiiiiiii, once at the airport……eerrrmmm maaaam you do know you only have a 30KG allowance 0: that’s when my Oscar winning actress performance starts it can be anything from i am getting married i need all my stuff with me (i already had about 7 airport weddings), i am moving country and these are all fragile i couldn’t ship them (i have had 5 fake airport moves), these are mostly medication for my sick granny (god bless her soul, she has already had 3 fake airport illnesses), i’m going to study abroad this is full of heavy books (ha by now i would be holding at least 8 degrees)

gosh i wish i knew a way out of the “just in case, you never know” syndrome


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