unpacking and about men plants

after a refreshingly busy holiday i am back, this is a big fat lie i have been back for a while but have had writer’s block and really still suffering from it.

i have had a few sweet emails asking me to come back and save you all from the boredom of repetitively serious blog posts, well what do you do when you have writer’s block……..have a coffee, eat your weight in lime skittles, go for a swim, trust me nothing will unblock the block until it unblocks itself…..bored yet?

to keep you entertained here are a few random recent melicieuse facts:

– my foot fatayer syndrom got better…..yes the toes aren’t as white as they used to be

– do not trust a new hairdresser with a pair ofscissors

– do not trust yourself on the seat of a new hairdresser….do not be daring or bold be conservative very conservative

– white nail polish is not a good idea if you plan to go out in the sun….it will turn yellow

– avoid having too many work conference calls during ramadan……you will be thirsty for the rest of the day…and night

– Inception is apparently not a shit movie, not seen it yet please don’t tell

ok one useful thing i have learned recently though, surprisingly plants are like men…..house plants that is. they need to suffer for them to live nicely ad be really green. you see i decided not long ago to populate the empty space of my house with greenery i wanted so much for them to live so took care of them daily; watering, cleaning, looking after the soil, changing them rooms and geographical situation in the house depending on time of day/temperature/direction of the sunlight……i was their slave and guess what…..most started flailing and dying (it was a variety of climate change, drowning, herbal suicide). So I decided enough is enough i will not be my green’s slave anymore, they will get water only when i have time to water them….they hall only get the sunlight that reaches them where they sit and as for temperature well tough luck you get appointed a place and that’s where you will stay be it cold or hot…..guess what happened, well first they sulked and became either grayer or dryer I am sure they were only testing me to see how far they can go, when they saw that i stayed put on my behavior guess what they came back to life even better than before they now all have little baby leafs and are doing marvelously. All they needed was a little suffering and some telling who’s the boss et voila. So girls if you are having man trouble treat them like plants and they will flourish


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