we all knew it was coming – now it is here

spray on clothes, yeah you read it right spray on clothes.

for my last post of today i thought i’d send you something that would make you a little less ignorant, spray on fabric has been invented. Scientist Paul Luckman and fashion designer Manel Torres ombined their knowledge to create this great novelty made from a mixture of cotton fibers, some sort of plastic and a solvent.

maybe this is the solution to clothe waste and to never having enough space in your wardrobe, imagine instead of having to stack 15 white t-shirts you can just have 2 bottles of spray and then re-spray to create different t-shirt styles everyday.

it is washable, re-usable and can create both summer and winter clothes. I can’t wait to have this in a store


2 responses to “we all knew it was coming – now it is here

  • Rand

    When I first read the title I thought it was gonna be paint, you know like they do on Mardi Gras, which is :S but this is just wow! I wonder if you can spray on more layers for extra cold days, also, I hope it doesn’t dissolve in water because you wouldn’t want that on rainy days 😐

    • melicieuse

      yeah it’s for real, and yes for the winter version you spray on more layers but it doesn’t dissolve in water. from what they explain if you like the desin you created you can just take off your “clothes” and wash them as you would do with any other clothes. cool huh 🙂

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