my job for dummies

the company i work for has decided to have an internal newsletter, this is a great idea as it should (in theory) promote communication between employees as well as creating a feeling of belongoing to one same entity.

we are a relatively new company so the first few issues of the newsletter are all about departments presenting themselves to the rest of the company in terms of who they are, what they do and any achievements.

i have just been briefed this morning with my own section, i have to write something about my department i sat there glass eyed whith a wide open mouth…….after staring at the corp comm guy for a few minutes i laughed and said what exactly do you want me to tell everyone about……..i still don’t have anyone in my department… I AM THE DEPARTMENT……as such, we only have my expertise and still have no achievements whatsoever……I can tell you in fantasy land what we could be doing ans what great team i have………. this very funny conversation went on

me ” so A you do realise I have nothing to write about”

A: “yip”

me ” but you still want me to do it…!!”

A “yip”

me: “how about a big glossy COMING SOON”

A ” that wont do”

me: “what about if instead while i still work on having something to actually say i write a little MEl’s department 101… can be a learning section they can all know what it is all about and what we are supposed to do”

A “ooohhhh i like the sound of that…..great idea, do that”

A “but dont make it too heavy…..something light and easy to absorbe something fun”

me “sure…..give me some time to think about it”

a few hours later…….something easy, fun, light….a cartoon oooohhhh

me “A….do you mind if I make you a cartoon? itl be a fun thing”

A with a skeptical look “eerrrmmmmm no”

me “you do realise not a lot of people here know how to read……pictures now they can all see”

A “eeerrrrr…….no”

so now i am stuck i am not supposed to write an article…..but im not supposed to draw either…….i’m out of ideas


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