L’habit ne fait pas le moine

a French proverbe, in English it translates to “clothes don’t make the man”……and here is the problem, clothes DO make the man. I am noticing this fact even more since I have been going around the Middle East more often than before.

I am al for equality and not judging by appearances (so many cakes I would have missed eating if I had only judged by what they look like), but honestly i am more and more inclined to thinking this proverbe doesn’t work alone. for the “clothes don’t make the man” to work it needs to be followed by “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

you see two average Joes in the street, you need to ask something (lets say directions) who would you ask? the rough looking average Joe A with torn and or dirty clothes who looks like he hasn’t bothered showering for a week? or the clean looking average Joe B who is clean chaved and is wearing presentable clean clothes? let’s be honest you will not ask them for their CV and current job before you pick your target.

average Joe A can very well be the CEO of an influential corporation while average Joe B a mere tea boy, you would still ask the tea boy wouldn’t you.

in our beloved Middle East where apparence is king, clothes do make the man. you want good customer service then dress well. you want respect from administration workers then dress to impress. mind you its not a totally bad thing as it forces you to dig out all those fabulous impulsive buys that you weren’t sure you would ever wear one day.


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