sorry the ATM is out of order, please come back later

it doesn’t make sense to me that an ATM machine can only be programmed to hand out specific pre-programed amounts only and when you press the “other amounts” button and type in something else then it gives you the “machine doesn’t work” message.

in a country where the smallest denominator for ATMs is a 100 bill it would make sense that the machine only gives out multiples of 100 or a 100.

now i tried this twice at an ATM near my house, it gives you a choice of 100, 300, 500, 800,1000,1500,2000 and the usual “other amount”

i don’t like asking for 300 with my spending habbits it won’t last 24 hours and i don’t like asking for 100 because it won’t get me far enough so i always ask for 200. but see the great ATM doesn’t seem to like or know what is a request for 200, i tried it twice (yeah different days, and actually i’m pretty sure i tried it more than twice but can’t remember) i press on the “other amounts” buttona and type in 200…………….what do i get…………………”sorry this ATM is out of order, we will fix the problem as soon as possible”

today i got the genious idea of throwing my card in again after the “out of order” message for 200 request, and i picked a pre-programed number….i picked 300 (yes i am aware of the spending risk) and oh oh oh what do i see three 100 bills…….so the machine didn’t have two 100 bills it was “out of order” but it has three 100 bills…………..go figure


11 responses to “sorry the ATM is out of order, please come back later

  • anon

    It doesn’t make sense to me what an ATM machine is. ATM is short for Automated Teller Machine. You are calling it an Automated Teller Machine Machine.

    • melicieuse

      right……dear anonymous smart ass if you have no better comment then please refrain from commenting.

      just the fact that you chose to comment as anonymous tells me you are just a little too scared to show yourself…..scared of what not sure.
      last i checked i was still free to double word as many things as i wanted, what doesn’t make sense to you makes perfect sense to me.

      now if you excuse me i have to go speak to an automated teller machine machine.

      oh and if you ever think of coming back here, before you do please try to grow a pair of b**ls or alternatively a pair of b**bs depending on your gender at least you would be convinced with your comment and not hide “anonymously” 🙂

  • Kystal

    Girl you are swimming in cash.What line of work are you in, if you don’t mind me asking so?

  • Kystal

    Ohhh!What currency are we talking here?And why not make it easier on you and just carry a credit card?Also is there any way that you can HALT the spending a little,it would save you a few annoying trips to the ATM machine.I hope you don’t mind the questions,but I’m a curious cat with ostrich feathers as in feathering the nest kind of Kitty.

    • melicieuse

      halt the spending no NO even i’m a consumeristic consumer (yeah i know thats not grammatically correct). why not carry a credit card, well i do own a few of those, but the notion of credit card is that you spend money that you don’t have then pay back for it while i would rather spend money that i have and if i don’t have it then i can’t spend it

  • Rand

    Is that just the ATM near your house? Or all the ATMs belonging to your bank?
    If it wasn’t for your spending habits I would have told you to try taking 2000 and see it the machine has issues with the number 2 :p
    Maybe it’s the bank’s way of getting you to spend more 😉

  • anon

    LOL. You are so tough.

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