LOVE & Other Drugs

one advice, don’t watch it, rent it, buy it.

If you have high morals and would rather not watch any explicit “adult” natured scenes, then don’t go near this film because you will probably be able to watch about 12 minutes tops after editing out all the “adult” scenes. If however like me you have fairly low morals, then don’t watch it either because even without editing anything out of the film you will be bored out of your skull waiting for the cinematic massacre to end.

There is no real story, charming playboy is interested in the sick girl so he can advance his career, and oops oh no he falls for her (shocker, no one saw that one coming !) then what to do….make girl fall for him so he can please his ego (yeah because there are only 2 options, he gets rejected or she falls for him….there is no middle ground). When girl falls for him she loosesit a little….it goes something like  (in squealing high pitched voice) “HOW CAN YOU LOVE ME……I AM SICK NO BODY LOVES ME……I AM ALOOOONE, YOU CANNOT LOVE ME” (repeat scene and dialog as needed – yes they did repeat it a few times). playboy freaks out. then we have the usual “I love you but let’s dump each other” scene followed by the even more typical clicking of the brain cells “how did I even dump him/her I want him/her back”……and the grand finale “I LOVE YOU PLEASE COME BACK” (from both playboy and sick girl…….we didn’t see that one coming either….oooooohhhh the suspense) and in between the different parts of this GREATLY ORIGINAL PLOT there is lots of (this is your last chance to close your eyes if you have high morals….here comes a dirty word) SEX.

So if you like a good film, don’t watch this. Now on the other hand if you want to watch a lousy porn movie with Anne Hathaway then go for it, this one will make you happy.

And I would have never thought Anne Hathaway would strip off so easily…..I wonder how much she got paid for this one.

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