cut the bullshit

to person A: sometime i wish people would cut the crap and get to the point. don’t bother trying to be friends and no i don’t want to be BFFs with your wife cut to the chase and just tel me what is it you actually want from me then i’ll decide if i want to give it to you or not

to person B: don’t invite me for dinner thank you, i would happily starve . don’t ask me to join you for lunch either same reason as for dinner. again you too cut the bullshit what is it you actually want, come with it and ask. i am a simple gaal no need for complicated strategies just ask and i might just simply say NO

to person C: does your tongue have OCD or what…………..i already told you yes i heard you no need to repeat

to person D: dude you look like you are older than both my parents put together, you are my hierarchical superior and we are in a fucking meeting with both my boss and your boss. this is NOT a good time to hit on me. and for the record for you IT IS NEVER a good time to hit on me its just too grose and disturbing

to person D again and to person E: i think its creepy when you compliment my dresses but i shake that out off my head thinking that you mean nothing bad or nasty. when you ask me if its my natural hair i do think its a weird question and convinced you are both a pair of old creepy perverts……now why did you think it was a good idea to ask me if i was single……………..what the fuck . and no i will not answer that question so really repeating it a few times will not make me answer

on a separate note, why do some women think its OK to dress like your 5 year old niece/daughter. it sure is not, you have boobs remember? yeah those things that hang off your front….yeah those, they don’t really fit in that tiny top, and that thing hanging from behind….yeah the booty that needs a bit more skirt to cover it H&M does all sizes try them. on the same topic, if you are very pale skinned and have nasty blond bleached bodyless hair avoid fuschia pink babydoll bubble dresses with plastic rhinestones on the straps you look all of the below

– washed off

– older than you probably are


– you need wardrobe help

oh and matching the plastic strap stones to your heeled sandals (yeah the ones cutting craters in your puffy feet) is not a good idea either


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