well well waddayaknow

feel like writing but really don’t have much to say…..but then knowing myself i say this now but this might end up being a bad ass long post full of nonsense

here go the randoms

– i realised i own too many shower gels, all from the same brand and all differently scented, the weirdest part is i also own some in multiples i was scared that shops will run out of them and i’d miss them. again the “just in case” syndrom

– Rudolph and i are getting to know each other better and me thinks we will be an explosive team

– too much nail polish might have killed my nails forevaa

– i’m developing too much of a sweet tooth, not good since the only food groups i seem to be gulping are saccharine, dextran, dextrose, fructose, glucose, galactose, and the wonderful aspartame (this list is not exhaustive)

– i am becoming a healthy food freak and the above point doesn’t help. i am now going through a phase of having oatmeal for breakfast……oatmeal…me ewwww can you imagine. but problem is i actually like it…..yuk what the F

– i am in denial about my road rage.

– my garden is flowering nicely, soon i’ll be able to make my desk and bedroom smell like a flower shop

– i should stop buying perfume i have too much

– i should stop buying shoes i also have too much…..but i have been good non purchased in past 3 weeks

– i have no clue what to get to a 19 year old boy………..its soon very soon

– i hate my lazy moods, when i lag around the house then realising i wasted 5 hours of a perfectly nice day

– i decided to take up dragon boating, not that i want body builder arms (i am not fond of those) but thought it’d be fun so this in combination with the 2 other sports i do i’ll have a body of steel then i can start my super hero career

– where do socks go? i keep on losing them in my own house……they’r not in the laundry basket, they are not drying out, they are not in the clean clothes hamper, they are not in my sock box…………….where the hell do they go???!!!!!! i probably bought a total of 15 pairs in the past 6 weeks and now they all poofed away

right that’s all for now


6 responses to “well well waddayaknow

  • haitham

    Sweet tooth + healthy freakness = bad mix 😀 – best of luck in that

    Socks are over-rated!

    *That`s all for now 🙂

  • kinziblogs

    Welcome back, Meli. You were missed.

    Girl. Not buying a pair of shoes for three weeks is progress?

    Never mind. I will celebrate now matter how outside my paradigm this is 😉

    • melicieuse

      hahahahah yes no shoes for 3 weeks is an achievement by my books 😉 i think i have an average of 2 pairs for every week of the year (at least) its a disease but pharmaceuticals wont do any studies in it for a cure because the leather, meat and fashion industries would collapse if people like me are cured. and thank you for missing lil old moi 😀

      • kinziblogs

        Well, without people like you I wouldn’t be able to buy cool used shoes in Italian Street, so its more that just cows that depend on your addictions 😉

        WOW. Some TOXIC people mentioned in your latest post. You need some Anti-Moron spay repellent.

        • melicieuse

          i never thought of that, so my illness is of benefit to more people than i thought woohoooo i’ll keep it up

          don’t think moron repellent will be enough i think i need a moron firewall

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