Rich Bitch

when i heard about this white trash themed group from ZA almost a year ago (Die Antwoord) i wasn’t sure how long will they last because they have an out of this world style of music (not to mention lyrics…oh and the fact that they aren’t exactly easy to understand)

im still debating in my mind if they are really on a new musical level that most people fail to comprehend or are they just a bunch of wannabes that nailed down the right stream to pump a max of cash and followers. I definitely don’t dislike them come to say i even downloaded their album and its in my car music selection (not a lot reach my car music list!)

a white skinny tattooed mc with a fetish for whats between his legs, a tiny elf of a woman with a fetish for anything golden and white rats….and a fat dj (we barely see him though). if you don’t understand what they are saying that’s  normal they perform in a strong ZA accent and most of their songs have a few passages in Afrikaans (you will only understand it if you speak Dutch or are from ZA)

anyhow here is their latest single Rich Bitch, which in my opinion is a good piece. if you like this one go and see the rest of their selection. who knows you might like the explicitly phallic Evil Boy (the amount of rats in this later video made me slightly uncomfortable…..i have a rodent phobia)


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