quick hide your children

after the attack of Justin -lego hair- Bieber, i present you with Rebecca -transvestite- Black……………………………………applause please

ARK Music Factory (record label in case you didn’t know) just took onboard Rebecca, what great talent their scouts must be proud.

now what i’m still puzzled at is why have ARK picked a 45 year old transvestite……or a Thai she-male (i’m still undecided) to pose as a 13 year old girl?  and on top of that the 45 year old transvestite Thai she-male they chose sounds like a broken toaster, or microwave (again still undecided). did america suddenly run out of regular 13 year old girls?

singer aside, i mean its ok it could just be their luck that the little girl’s last 2 plastic surgeries didn’t give the wanted result)….now the lyrics…………WOW…….write them down on a piece of paper and read out loud, you’d easily mistake them for a long hidden secret poem from Shakespeare, i mean “yesterday was thursday, thursday/today is friday, friday. tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterwards”….oh and my favorite “kicking in the front seat, sitting in the back seat….got to make my mind up, which seat can i take”. it takes real talent to come up with something like that, not in a million years would i have been able to come up with that….no seriously i wouldn’t have been able to

ok ok ok forget about the transvestite 13 year old singer, the Shakespearean lyrics…….just focus on the video. the video is a work of cinematographic art, it has everything to entertain a trisomic monkey.  there is a 10 year old driving an expensive looking convertible sports car, an army of 12 year old girls dressed like cheap hookers…….braces included (by the time they got to shooting the video they had already spent most of their budget so unfortunately they could no longer afford to make the army of 12 year old girls look like expensive hookers as they planned)

and then to add more suspense to the video a random black guy joins in the fun and does a little rap while driving…….the suspense mounts as you start thinking, is he the rapist????? is he driving around trying to find this friday night party full of 12 year old hookers, a 13 year old she-male, and 10 year old boys who all have hair cuts sponsored by lego??????…….not your fault you can’t actually make your brain think otherwise, the rap lyrics are subliminally making you think he is a pedophile and a rapist (as opposed to a pedophile who is not a rapist because he would ask permission first)

and no ARK aren’t being awkward or inappropriate at all they were going for “controversial” and “cutting-edge”, i mean make a grown up man sing in a video full of only kids (even the drivers are children), and make a black man rap (black people can only rap right?), oh and portraying a grown black man as a pedophile or a rapist….stroke of genius (depending on how old you think the video’s actors are  he would be one or the other)……..wait hang on were they even smarter than i thought….did they pick a black dude because her last name is Black??? naaahhhh i might be going a lille too far and giving them more credit than they deserve

hide your kids before they start telling you they want it to be friday, or worse someone from ARK sees them and get new creative ideas

and don’t forget to tell your kids to watch out for black men who drive cars while rapping on friday nights

happy viewing 🙂

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