The Adjustment Bureau – oh no, remind me how much i paid for that

And another spoiler

I wasn’t looking forward to this one, and to be frank I’d even forgotten it was in theaters. when you go watch a movie in a group bad things can happen, bad things like being forced by a majority vote to watch something you would happily sleep through.

did Matt Damon actually read the scrip before accepting it? or did he run out of money, financial crises and all and was obliged to take the first thing that came his way?

acting wise, i don’t recall any of them being credible or particularly exciting. not sure if the script was to blame or was it general disinterest in the story; but hey who can blame them the story was as exciting as a boiled cabbage. there was a tiny hint of excitement when matty boy was trying to get the girl (there is always a generic guy trying to get a generic cookie girl) and then it poofed away when they decided to bring in a weired Matrix wannabe sci-fi thingy/ghost action = walking through walls…..but wait not exactly walls HA  HA they walk through doors……..oooohhhhh how smart, oh and why were the angel gang acting like Men in Black? they even used memory wiping as a gadget

To sum it up, its the story or an apparently good politician who falls in love with a dancer (not a striper unlike Berlusconi), and god apparently doesn’t want them to be together so he sends a troop of hat wearing men after them. and yeah in the end he gets the girl. all of this excitement is filled with a few magic tricks.

anyhooow, morality of the story can be listed as follows: god is great, god is everywhere, god works in mysterious ways, god has his own reasons, fate exists, fate can be written and re-written in case it doesn’t fit with your agenda, you are in charge of your life…….and yes they actually do say these things at the end of the movies, which to me means only one thing, this was written for people with an IQ that doesn’t go above 4 since they can’t conclude these with their 6 brain cells, someone has to tell them.

weired facts that George Nolfi (writer and director) wants you to believe:

– all angels are men and non of which are particularly good looking

– black people are nice, especially if it is an angel

– if you lose a phone, keys,wallet…etc it is not a coincidence, someone is hiding them (i knew it)

– wearing a hat will help you pull funky magical illusion tricks when walking through a door

– if you are a woman and want to get the boy, act a little insane/deranged (either or, both might also work)

– the”it’s not you, it’s me” line never gets old

– it is OK to do a runner on a girl then appear a few years later and say “sorry, i didn’t mean it”

– its OK to take a douchebag back no matter how much he hurt you as long as he says he is “sorry”

– its OK to fall in love with a stranger that you saw a total of 2 times in 4 years

– watch out for men wearing hats

– if your 6th sense or a hunch tells you something, don’t listen to it, you will be messing up fate if you do

– the next American president is a “guy next door” kinda man

– the next American president will be white – bye bye Obama

– the next American president will have a gay best friend

– you should crash weddings and run away from the police afterwards you will have a blast

– if you are a women, try to hang out at the men’s toilets you might find the love of your life there peeing and waiting for you

– men’s toilets are always empty and are always very clean


and for once i didn’t even take in my usual caramel popcorn to keep me amused in case of the above happening; that’l teach me to pretend i’m on a diet




4 responses to “The Adjustment Bureau – oh no, remind me how much i paid for that

  • jaraad

    It seems the Hollywood movie theme recently is about dreams and destiny changing. When I watched the trailer I knew this movie is going to be bad. Luckily, I was right when I refused to join my friends to watch it. I thought the plot was kind of not convincing. I also heard that his other movie, Hereafter, was a flop as well.
    I like your list. Glad you are in iToot now. Hope to see more posts now 🙂

  • melicieuse

    You were so right not to go, if I were matt Damon I’d keep a low profile for a while.from now I’m sticking with airplane movies, premier invitations and dates….not paying for another floppy cabbage for a while

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