Gulliver’s Travels, or how Jack Black peed on a king while air guitaring to Kiss

trying a new typeface and colour, a few of you have been apparently blinded by the typeface i had with the new layout. Let me know if this is still blinding

unable to sleep, i just decided that i will post a few film reviews that have been long pending in my brain’s outbox.

not a great one to start with but thought i’d stick it there before i forget i actually watched it, this can be a nice watch of you are home on a rainy afternoon and that you have no energy left to think let alone make your ass leave the hollow curve it formed between the sofa’s 2nd and 3rd pillows.

A classical Jack Black movie with no surprises, he plays the fat loser with a crush on a cute girl….blah blah blah blah…..air guitar……..sing sing sing………more air guitar…….Kiss,Prince,Lady Gaga (huh what she doing here?)………more air guitar….blah blah blah……….he gets the girl in the end

this is supposedly based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift, this was one of my favorite novels as a child and really this movie does nothing to it. so if you haven’t read the novel don’t let this movie give you any bad ideas about the book. after 30 minutes of watching i actually thought that this was a comedy take on the novel which to me sounded like a great idea……but alaaas this tiny thought vanished quickly after that.

a great novel, a blaaahhhh movie, Jack Black was Jack Black, Emily Blunt was actually not too bad i thought….she didn’t seem to take her self too seriously which gave her character this comedy take………rest of the cast as i don’t remember any of them i don’t think any were remarkable

don’t pay for this one, watch if it is free and only if you have no more than 2 brain cells still awake

oh and Jack Black does pee on a king’s head, one of the movie’s best WTF moments

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