The King’s Speech

wow, just wow

simple yet elegant just as i like them. not too much fluff going on or too many things jumping at you crying for your attention, even the moments of silence were so well calculated and orchestrated

i loved it, i only watched it once but i’m planning to watch it at least once more at home (i don’t usually watch movies more than once). I find that this movie is not all about the story itself, because the story is simple really and full of already known historical facts.

the treasure of this movie i find is in everything else but the story, its in the actors, the scene setting, the costumes, the soundtrack…………………….all of it was so simple, precise, clean,  and so much oozing of elegance just like a well cut Chanel jacket; you almost felt as if you had to sit up right and drink a cup of tea out of fine china to watch it.

the actors, oh my god it has been a while since i watched a movie with so many good actors actually all doing what they were paid to do…act well. Colling Firth, well we all know how good he played since he won an Oscar for it. but all the others I thought were marvelous, Helena Bonham Carter was wowing (i didn’t realise the woman was still capable of playing someone normal), Geoffrey Rush was amazing (I don’t remember seeing this guy in anything good before this), Guy Pearce very convincing ,Michael Gambon……all fabulous

this movie took me through a roller coaster of feelings happiness, sadness, intrigue, anger, anguish, frustration, pity, pride….and i am probably leaving a few out. Don’t get me started on the soundtrack Mozart and Beethoven will rock my boat any day

this one made it to my top 10


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