Africa United

this one was too cute to be true, it’s  a bit in the fresh cuteness of Juno or Little Miss Sunshine

even if it is your typical under-dog beats the odds type of movie (think Slumdog Millionaire), but still the actors and hero (Dudu) are too endearing to leave you indifferent. Look away now if you dont want to know what this movie is about…………look away………..too late

its the story of 2 orphan Rwandan children/siblings  (HIV orphans….stereotypes 1 and 2), the boy is a football fanatic and is best friends with the village’s football genius who happens to be from a wealthy family where we do not speak to commoners (stereotype number 3). they go on a crazy journey from Rwanda to South Africa so they can participate in the 2010 world cup…..this represents a little more than 4,800 kilometers and crossing the borders of 8 different countries without official papers, money or adults. 0n the way they make friends with a Congolese child soldier (stereotype 5) and a teenage sex worker from Burundi (stereotype number 6)…..together they are Africa United

the movie deals with the usual been there-done that topics: HIV, protect yourself when you have sex in Africa with a free UN condom, famine, poverty, child soldiers, war, refugee camps, education, the UN and religious help (always Christians mind you……do Muslims not help in Africa? they probably don’t), borders and crossing them, corruption………..the only theme i am still puzzled as to why the movie didn’t treat was the Rwandan genocide, especially that stereotype 1 and 2 are orphans they could’ve made them orphans of the genocide or go half half with HIV so kill off one of the parents with the genocide then finish the other one off with HIV……………i’m sure Warner Brothers and Pathe had valid reasons (even if questionable)

Eriya Ndayambaje was amazing in his portrayal of Dudu (our hero or stereotype 1), this is the kid’s first piece as an actor and i thought he was mind blowing. so enchanting, endearing, funny, witty, protective, caring….he brought the movie to life, not only was his character the lead but his acting was also the lead….it was as if all the other actors were following his queue just like their characters were doing in the story; he will keep you awake……….i know i want to see him again and i hope its soon

one tiny glitch, i wouldn’t say this is cinema material……i watched it on DVD and was very pleased with it. perfect afternoon or evening in type of watching, you miss 5 minutes because you went to pee you’l have to rewind

morals of the story (yes they are predictable):

– follow your dreams no matter how crazy or impossible they seem

– “impossible is nothing” (quote from Dudu……….probably sponsored by Adidas)

– “the world is your Ostrich” (another quote from Dudu)

– the UN is the official hidden sponsor of the 2010 Worldcup…………… or UN condoms more precisely

– all African people are black (the white ones from the North are importers and the white ones from the south are fake)

– you can walk barefoot in the jungle and not hurt your feet

– all African people can speak English and can understand each other……..even if from different countries (hhhhmmmmm yeah we will ignore the fact that they all have different local languages or even ethnic language and that they were not all former British colonies so English might not be a widely spoken language in their country………………its ok they are all African and black they all look the same they should all understand each other)

– condoms will make you happy even if you haver a shitty life (maybe some of the characters from Another Year should ask for UN condoms)

– money is everything in life, without money you can do noooooothing

this 2010 movie is not to be confused with the 2005 movie also called Africa United (about another African football fanatic “Zico”)


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