Another Year………in Londontown suburbia

another one of my reviews…………not sure how to tackle this one. i watched it a few weeks ago and everytime i think about it i am still not sure i like it or not

the actors were fresh enough and gave an exact impersonation of a few stereotypical London suburbia characters (at least to me it was typical). the story nothing special, just the recitation of everyday life of an old married couple (Tom and Gerri…..yes you read it right) and the different people in their lives……….although mainly its about their deeply depressed lonely 40 something friend, another obese heavy drinker lonely friend, their lonely son and his girlfriend (yet she comes in at a later stage of the movie), Tom’s lonely widower brother………and that’s pretty much it

i don’t regret paying for this movie, but i am sure i will not watch it again. and if in a couple of years its on TV for free i’ll probably flick the channel to something else

morals of the story…..if there are any:

– planting your own vegetables makes you happy

– having a few friends is important even if they are all lonely and long as you are not the rest doesn’t matter

– if you have a life partner (wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/brother/sister/mother/father) then you will never be lonely

– if you have a spouse you’ll be happier than average (especially if you are having regular sex with the said spouse)

– if you have a spouse it is OK to discreetly make fun of your miserable friends with your spouse while they are not listening

– if you are miserable don’t try to get out of your misery, find a couple of happy friends and try to drag them down with you

– if you are miserable do not commit suicide and release yourself and the world around you….no no no, stick around and do as the above point

– it can be very grey in London

– people from northern England have funny accents

2 responses to “Another Year………in Londontown suburbia

  • touta

    lool, i want to do my own ‘londontown’ film, there’s too much missing from your bullet points 😀

    • melicieuse

      yeah i didn’t want to be a killjoy and ruin the movie for those who want to watch it. if i had an extensive list of morals from the film then the only point of watching this film would be to see if the 40 year old miserable friend ends up slitting her wrists or not……..oh shit but i already had that one on my bullet points…sorry guys i gave it all away, you will now be officially bored when watching this movie unless you enjoy watching English people talk aimlesly

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