what is it with ousted leaders and mysterious illnesses? last I heard of Tusinia’s Ben Ali was that he was in a coma………….nor Egypt’s Moubarak is apparently in intensive care after a heart attack.

Libya’s Gaddafi and Yemen’s Saleh should be quick before the list of “natural” disappearance illnesses runs out (disappearance illness= a grave illness which would result in the general public believing you are no longer fit to give explanations, speak or be judged……..and it also helps you instantaneously disappear from everyone’s eyes and memory leaving you with a long happy peaceful life on a Caribbean island, it sometimes even has the bonus that some might feel sorry for you and decide to speak well of you – this of course depends on how many friends you have on facebook)

anyyyhoooowwww…….so far in the list coma and heart attack have both been taken, the likes of Gaddafi anf Saleh better be quick because the list isn’t too long and I think Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo already has his eye on one of these DIs (disappearance illness). The choices they have left are:

– stroke

– aneurysm

– late stage cancer (this one takes a little more ahead planning)

– sudden death (a little more drastic and it will be more expensive as you will have to arrange and pay for a funeral service – even if no one attends- complete with fake tomb. but at least you are safe that no one will have the bright idea to come look for you)

– old school style contagious disease (Malaria, the Plague, Ebola, Cholera…etc) (you will get more sympathy even from people who really hate you but very risky as the media might suddenly run out of valuable news material and decide it is time to do an “old president illness update” story where they’ll start hunting you  down to know how the illness affected you and have you been cured of have you died); if you decide however to go for the acute version of these diseases then you will have intense sympathy and intense media coverage but you can peacefully and quickly “die” (which leads to the same expenses as with sudden death)

only thing i can say to the already sick 2 presidents is salamtak, get well soon


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