melicieuse grows up

bought a domain name last week thought it was going to be kiddy play to transfer wordpress blog to the new domain name (or is it the other way around!!!????!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! donno anymore)

wordpress off course would say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy a domain from them at maxi bucks), domain registration sites say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy from them for cheaappo price but then bump up the bill with a whole shabang of crap you don’t need)…………non of them however say that this kiddy has to have a master’s degree in computer science doubled with a master’s degree in English (yeah the language they use isnt exactly the A,B,Cs)

tip for wordpress and whatever site…….if you just took my money try not to make me feel like an idiot and give basic instructions…something simple that a regular chimpanzee like me would understand. guess what? if you make me feel smart i might be stupid enough to buy all those upgrades you want me to get like supersonic email


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