don’t let the fashion police catch ya

wearing your boxer shots outdoors, casually walking pretending they are normal shorts. confidence in your look is attractive, but trying to make us believe boxers are a pair of short shorts isn’t

don’t let them catch ya wearing:

– suspenders (although on the right person with the right pair of pants and the right shirt/t-shirt they can be to die for)

– suspenders hanging on your ass (no matter who wears them and what pants, the only way this will look hot is if you have a nice tanned 6 pack and are topless…….but then again this is a super thin line to passing on to the gay side of the fence)

– orange is a nice dynamic color, but don’t match your bright orange t-shirt to a pair of bright orange trainers. this will only work if you are 5 years old or younger, and even then your mom’s taste will be questioned

for a close up this orange lover is also on the top picture

i have been promoted to the rank of detective with the fashion -police, i am trigger happy i’ll shoot at will and you shall enter my wall of shame. be afraid, be very afraid

2 responses to “don’t let the fashion police catch ya

  • BioBasics

    i bookmarked this site

  • D. D. Scott

    Oh My Gosh, what’s not to luuuvvv in this fantabulous romp of a read!

    I LMAO from page one all the way to “The End”!

    And, I’m here to tell ya, I can’t wait to read the next Amber Fox Murder Mystery!!!

    Ooooooo…and without giving y’all a spoiler alert…put me down on the I Luuuvvv Brad Team…yes, Romeo seems kinda hunky and sweet too…but I’m a Brad-Chick all-the-way!!!

    Sibel truly has created a must-read series that I sooo hope never, ever ends…

    Bravo, Sibel! Well done!!!

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