mon minou tout doux

been a while since i posted about ads, the opportunity just came up to post a new one. I am speechless at the latest work of Veet (Reckitt Benckiser) in case you don’t know them, they specialise in women hair removal products. Wax, razors, mousse….etc

I would die to get a peek into how much these masterminds got paid for their idea and execution and how much pot did the Reckitt Benckiser had to smoke to allow this to go on air (and yet again off course this is a French campaign, this would only happen in France)

their latest campaign features a female cat singing about how  “mon minou est tout doux” which literally translates to “my kitty is so soft”……but actually the real translation is “my lady genital area is so soft”

these marketing and creative geniusus got paid to make an animated Lolita cat (Lolita: a seductive adolescent girl or a sexually precocious young girl)  sing about how when her “kitty” is so soft it  does “miaww miaww”,  but when her “kitty” is prickly it does “poo poo”

on the list when her “minou/kitty” is so soft it has the following characterestics:

– it goes “miaww miaww”

– it likes to be caressed everywhere

– its her treasure her crown jewls

– its worth it

– its super cute

but when lolita cat doesn’t use Veet and her “kitty” is prickly it has the following characteristics:

– it goes “poo poo”

– it looks too rough around the edges, kind of lack an untamed badboy

– when it looks like a crazy dog, lolita doesn’t like it

mix that with an apparently boy cat perving from the window and lolita cat having a slutty’esque voice over (i wonder who sang this marvel)

so girls, want your “kitty” to be so very soft……. run to the shops and get your Veet wax or razors. no one wants a “kitty” looking like a crazy dog


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