early june randomz

been a while heii
– the boys and football stereotype is true, a boy will watch a football game to be “one of the boys” even if he doesn’t particularly like the game and even if he doesn’t know or care about the playing teams. what counts is”to be one of the boys”
– some football players are paid waaaaay too much to run around a ball on grass for 90 minutes
– there is no such thing as too much sunshine
– to some people down is the only way forward…..when they reach the bottom they start digging
– people sending threat messages or giving threat speeches………what the hell do you think you ARE doing you idiot, these threats are just a mirror of your lack of confidence and an easy already made list of your insecurities
– Fleetwood Mac are still great and Eagles are still awesome
– eating cheese or drinking bubbly stuff before going to be will not give you nightmares…….they all lied
– there are a lot of Infinity FXs on Lebanese roads……..any rational explanation? did they hand them out for free???!!!
– proven fact, napping will enduce more napping
– diet pepsi is gross, normal pepsi is less gross but still has the yuk factor

ill add more later………….


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