if you first don’t succeed…….pick yourself up and walk away

so I’ve been away for a while, no i haven’t ditched the blog or ran out of things to say or complain about. i just got busy with life

something happened to me yesterday that made me think about probabilities and knowing when to stop, not give up but to know your limit and just stop because the probabilities aren’t working with you and the odds aren’t smiling at you

I had been planning for an event that was meant to happen yesterday, everything was ready and all cogs of the operation were turning properly until at the time T a little tiny ink mark on a piece of paper made everything fall apart and the doors of bureaucratic hell opened up and handed me a ticket telling me to wait in the long queue.

After shaking earth and sky yesterday i decided to call it a day so I could get some sleep and try again today; today bright and early I continued that rattling and every time I had a little glimpse of hope something seemed to shut it off. every time a door or even a tiny window opened some annoying wind came blowing to shut it. conclusion event cancelled

after anger, sadness, annoyance, blahhness (an emotion between sad, angry, confused, disbelieving and boredom) I decided to pull a valuable lesson from all that trouble, when you first don’t succeed try again, if that doesn’t work know when to stop and walk away.

i am a stubborn person by nature and don’t like the notion of giving up, i like trying every possibility and abusing them adamant to make something work but now i know that sometimes when odds are against my will and nothing seems to be working it is best to stop, call it a day and keep some brain power for plan B

difficult part will be putting this new found genius conclusion into action



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