i’m open minded but this is pushing it a little

we have all probably received at least one of these coupon emails offering different discounts in the city you live in or any city you are interested in, it usually has restaurants, SPA/salon, discounts on items that never got sold in stores (remember those products with funky names like the Ab buster 3000…………….man i really want to be a funky product name inventor)

anyhow I as everyone else receive a few of these emails everyday and sometimes check them out there is no shame in a little bargain hunt every now and again, plus sometimes they have good items on discount. and today i received an offer of a different kind……………..get ready, have a seat………to give you all the parameters this particular offer is for Dubai UAE (a supposedly Arab and Muslim state)………………are you ready……………..ok here isa copy paste of the email received from the geniuses at GrouponUAE:

Give Yourself Peace of Mind With an STD Basic or Advanced Test And Consultation from AED555 at XXXX clinic

  • Privacy and Confidentiality for every individual is assured.
  • This test covers the major STD’s such as : herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis B and C, syphllis and HIV.

STDs are diseases that are mainly passed from one person to another during an intimate relationship. There are at least 25 different STDs with a range of different symptoms. The most common methods for the spread of STDs: 

– Blood Transfusions (Not common in the UAE). 
– Direct contact with blood 
– Intimate Relationship with an infected person 
– Acupuncture with unclean needles 
– Shared personal items (toothbrush, razor, nail clipper, etc.) 
– Non-sterile use of tools for Manicures & Pedicures
– Non-sterile use of tolls in dental procedures

Basic Testing: The determination of current infections for Chlamydia & Herpes (i.e early stages of the infection only) and the detection of Syphilis using the VDRL method (basic method with slight chances of false positives).

Advanced Testing: The determination of both current & previous infections for Chlamydia & Herpes (i.e early & late stages of the infection) and Syphilis screening using the TPHA method (Advanced sensitive method)

Please note that if the infection existed for a long time, the basic testing may not be useful.

Get yourself checked with this deal and stay safe

WOW now just wow, I never thought they would push the discount concept this far

– yes medical treatments are a business in this part of the world but commmoooonnn don’t run “discounts” these tests are to be taken seriously and not as a teeth whitening treatment……….. will the patients also get half services and half testing for paying half price?

– WTF  “are mainly passed from one person to another during an intimate relationship” WTF WTF and again WTF, if you must advertise for an STD test don’t just copy and past the definition of an STD from Wikipedia. did the editor forget this was an email going to residents of the UAE? and that in the UAE intimate relationships between 2 humans (man/woman/woman/man/man) are illegal outside the boundaries of marriage………and if you are married you shouldn’t really be testing yourself for STDs transmitted by your spouse………clearly this is targeted to all those SsssiiiINNEeeRRRzzzz ooooooo :-0………no really no kidding this time, shouldn’t they fire the guy who wrote this and get someone who can write more discrete copy……………………….in reality they should also fire the guy who scored this discount deal

Here is the link feast your eyes on their amazing copywriting skills



6 responses to “i’m open minded but this is pushing it a little

  • bambamworld

    “and if you are married you shouldn’t really be testing yourself for STDs transmitted by your spouse” Because spouses never transmit any STD’s in the arab world *sarcasm in case you are confused*

    • melicieuse

      naaaaa not confused 😉 i’d say go for that testing before u get married, hellll make it one of the rules to seal the deal

      if you have to take STD tests while you are married than the STD is the least of your problems

  • kinziblogs

    “and if you are married you shouldn’t really be testing yourself for STDs transmitted by your spouse…”

    Why not? If a man has been sleeping with prostitutes in Thailand, he should at least have the courtesy to check and see what he may be transmitting to his wife. And if a wife who knows her husband is sleeping around, she should be able to protect herself (and children she could transmit to) from begin given a disease.

    STDs are serious business, and if treatment has gone mainstream, then it will become a business opportunity too.

    • melicieuse

      true true yet again my call is if a woman knows her husband :
      – has been sleeping with prostitutes in Thailand or
      – has been sleeping around

      then such woman should dump that husband and the only thing he should be allowed to see is the back of her shoes while she walks away

      and yeah i agree STDs are a serious thing and shouldn’t be joked around with or “discounted”

  • bretta

    An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

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