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L’Odyssée de Cartier

a few facts are always welcome in a world full of uncertainties:

– diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Cartier makes beautiful things (mainly jewelry)

Cartier uses a lot of diamonds = Cartier can be one of girl’s best friends

– the following video is beautiful


in case you are interested in the video’s details: it took Cartier 2 years and 4 million Euros to complete the work, produced by Marcel agency and film was shot in Prague, Paris, Italy and Spain. The video traces the history of the famous jeweler’s as well as putting an emphasis on its core values of refined and elegant creativity.

Bernard Fournas (Cartier‘s CEO) said about the showreel “we want to portray that we at Cartier are at the opposite of fashion  temporary and disposable, we are timeless. When our teams create, develop and produce they have a unique way of thinking. Our products are conceived for life and not for a few fashion seasons”

In the video you will notice a few iconic Cartier pieces like Cartier’s Panther the house’s icon since 1904  (might be a one for the girls to recognise)

and if you don’t care much for jewels well its a really nice video production from the technical point of view


and god gave us colors

there are many great things to look at in this world, one of my passions in life is food and one of my favorite sights is fresh uncooked produce as god gave them to us

god made them colorful, raw, sometimes dirty, with imperfections, full of life and passion and ready to pass those on……a bit like humans should be

just thought id post a few pictures of my recent table fillers, enjoy 🙂

and for the “did you know?” paragraph; did you know that the carrot was naturally in a multitude of colors except for orange?

originating from Afghanistan carrots were white, yellow, purple, red, green, brown, black but never orange, that’s until the 16th century when a bunch of Dutch farmers/scientists wanted to honor the house of Orange and created a bright orange carrot by crossing white and red ones………etc etc etc and that new carrot dominated the market ever since



leave the ordinary behind

Al Jumeirah group for Burj Al Arab, i guess their room sales went down. maybe they should try third class European tour operators

kiddy smoke

it puts my mind to rest that not all kids are turning into Justin Lego-head Beiber or Rebecca Tranny Black

these little men can actually smoke out many an adult