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she cracked the monkey code

after a few weeks of trial and error this girl (me) cracked the crappin code about URL redirect
now if you are too lazy to add the wordpress stuff simply doing will bring ya here

i still wonder why do they make these things so complicated an average meli monkey can’t figure it out……my theory is that they have to use all that shitty complicated terminology and overtly complex sounding instructions so that true geeks can show off its like if you have a geek friend and don’t remember anymore why you’re friends with them….well this is it, this is the ultimate reason
if however you’re not planning on playing with URLs then you are safe to ditch the geek friend


melicieuse grows up

bought a domain name last week thought it was going to be kiddy play to transfer wordpress blog to the new domain name (or is it the other way around!!!????!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! donno anymore)

wordpress off course would say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy a domain from them at maxi bucks), domain registration sites say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy from them for cheaappo price but then bump up the bill with a whole shabang of crap you don’t need)…………non of them however say that this kiddy has to have a master’s degree in computer science doubled with a master’s degree in English (yeah the language they use isnt exactly the A,B,Cs)

tip for wordpress and whatever site…….if you just took my money try not to make me feel like an idiot and give basic instructions…something simple that a regular chimpanzee like me would understand. guess what? if you make me feel smart i might be stupid enough to buy all those upgrades you want me to get like supersonic email

apparently i toot

apparently i am in here

I'm on toot

and so I’m back from outer space


notes to my dear stalker

i just realised that i have a blog stalker, oh wow how exciting…………actually i might have more than one but at least i know of the existence of this particular one.

i had been warned about this stalker since IT had stalked other blogs before (i shall decline from making IT masculine or feminine although really if you read through the blog you’d see that IT is not comment shy).

since my blog is the centre of a lot of attention from IT then i decided to dedicate this post to my stalker. not sure how does one go about picking a stalking subject and start applying various stalking methods to them i decided not to comment on that matter but instead send a few gentle words to my stalker to try and help IT in it’s stalkage. I entitle my words “Notes to my dear stalker”

Notes to my dear stalker:

– dear stalker it is of great annoyance when one is in a stalking mission that one doesn’t offer any counter stalking content. please make sure that the link you post with the comments has at least something to read

– dear stalker this is my blog and only what is in my head will be written, if you want to show what is in your head please refrain from writing unrelated comments on my posts but create a blog of your own

– dear stalker some of your comments are offensive and most of the time plain ridiculous, if you don’t agree with what i say i assure you repeating the same comment to my posts will not make me change my words. alternatively you can just stop reading my blog

– dear stalker i confirm, you do not have super powers, hitting the refresh button 8 times in a row will not magically produce a new post for you to comment on unless i decided to write one

– if you are more than one stalker and the above doesn’t apply to you then please ignore these notes and carry on your normal stalking activities

I am curious though…… does one stalk someone on a blog?!??!!! i see the stuff in movies but that is meant to be life situations with someone following you to your home….oh wait hang on this is my home so can i call the police on you?

Kinzi Day- البارح

I learned from Joycie’s blog that Kinzi just celebrated a very special day. for this occasion I am sending you this beautiful song, hope you had a flowery day

البارح (El Hachemi Guerouabi)

آه على الدهر خاني وقطع لاسباب
وأيام السرور كي المنام للي راها
الدهر يدور على الورى ماليه حراب
ما دام العبد تمتعت عينو بضياها
يزيان ضي الهلال بين نجوم سماها

وأنا بعزوبتي فارح
بالشوق والهوى سارح
كان في عمري عشرين

كانت لاموال تتلاوح (أي كثيرة)
صحة لابدان تترايح
يا زهرة السنين

كان في عمري عشرين
يا حسرة على عشرين

وأنا زاهي بشابابي
مع جملة أحبابي
الليل والدجى ومحالي
واحنايا سهرانين (احنايا: أي نحن)
بدعت في الريام عجبي (الريام: أي الكلمات)
لفظي رقيق عربي
واللي نحوزها ونكلمها (نحوزها: أي أفوز بها)
كانت تذبلي العين
كان في عمري عشرين

شط البحور وأمواجي
كان الغرام تهياجي
نصرف الشعور الشقرة (أظن من هذا الكلام كان يقصد المؤلف انتقاله من قصة حب إلى
ونلتهى بلخرين أخرى حال الشاب في فترة شبابه من وقوعه في الغرام أكثر من مرة)

وأنا مع الحباب ونتاجي (نتاجي: أي الذين هم في نفس سني)
الصغر والعقل الناجي
نخاطب القمر ونجومو
يفهم غير بالعين
كان في عمري عشرين

كان الزمان سلطاني
واليوم كي صار خلاني (كي صار خلاني: أي أن ما حدث هو تركه لي، فمعنى خلاني أي تركني)
حتى الشيب بدل لوني
رمى الظلام في العين
حسيت بالقبر ساماني (ساماني: أي اقترب مني، وفيه دليل على ابتداء تفكير الانسان فيما
في الزهو والصغر نساني عليه من أخطاء ارتكبها والحساب المنتظر ليختم المقولة بمسكين
وبقيت كانخمم ولكن هذا لم ينفي اعتزازه بتلك الفترة ونلاحظ ذلك بتفصيل أحداثها
على ذاك لخلاص.. مسكين وغناء مراحل تلك الفترة بحنين وشوق إليها واضحين)
كان في عمري عشرين (كانخمم: أي يفكر كثيرا وبصفة متواصلة، انخمم أي أفكر)