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best cupcake frosting ever

im not a frosting fan, especially not on cupcakes. i always find them too sweet, too hard or too buttery

i love baking (not a fan of store bought baked goodies, i always find them too sweet/too chemical/too much icing/ too expensive) and today i made a batch of banana spice cupcakes for a sick friend

yeah i know cupcake craze that recently broke loose in the Middle East bla bla bla no seriously i don’t make cupcakes because they’r cute (although they are) but because they are easier to store and eat than a regular size cake, plus they make a nice present than regular big cake

for those of you who didn’t know (i hope that’s not too many people) a cupcake is simply a small size cake with lots of cute shit on top (yes same recipe as a normal sized cakes, yeah really. all you have to do is make your favorite normal size cake in small molds and adapt oven time to the mold used)

as this was a present i really wanted to frost the cakes, but as i am not a frosting fan (except for cream cheese frosting for carrot cake) i wasn’t sure what to do…….and what would go well with my mini banana bites (I made banana, cinnamon/nutmeg, walnut cupcakes)………….i trawled the internet for a few minutes and found honey cinnamon frosting

i had all the ingredients, recipe seemed simple and honey/cinnamon should go well with the cupcake. so i tried it and oh my this was the best frosting in the world, the texture was light, it wasn’t sickly sweet, and you could totally taste the cinnamon and honey…….oh and it only took  minutes to make

Honey & cinnamon frosting:

–  1 + 1/4 cup frosting sugar (sometimes called powder sugar or confectioners sugar. its the super powder white one)

– 1/2 cup unsalted butter at room temperature (it should be super soft but not melted)

– 1 table spoon honey (any honey would do)

– 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon (i put 1/4 teaspoon and it was fine)

put everything in a bowl, whisk with electric beater for a few minutes (till creamy)……aaaaand voila done. i used a teaspoon to frst the cakes no need for any fancy equipment. i frosted 20 cupcakes with the quantity and had some frosting left over (i used a little less than 1 teaspoon per cupcake but its up to taste)

perfect compliment to my spicy fruity cakes, thank you Martha Stewart 🙂

oh no they diii’eeent

and god gave us colors

there are many great things to look at in this world, one of my passions in life is food and one of my favorite sights is fresh uncooked produce as god gave them to us

god made them colorful, raw, sometimes dirty, with imperfections, full of life and passion and ready to pass those on……a bit like humans should be

just thought id post a few pictures of my recent table fillers, enjoy 🙂

and for the “did you know?” paragraph; did you know that the carrot was naturally in a multitude of colors except for orange?

originating from Afghanistan carrots were white, yellow, purple, red, green, brown, black but never orange, that’s until the 16th century when a bunch of Dutch farmers/scientists wanted to honor the house of Orange and created a bright orange carrot by crossing white and red ones………etc etc etc and that new carrot dominated the market ever since



out of date

what would you think if someone gave you an out of date yoghurt…………….you were with them when they bought them 3 weeks ago….they never offered you one till today when they are out of date…hhhhmmmmmm

i like these so much i didn’t want to offer you one but as now they are past their date I’ll offer one

i like these so much i didn’t want to offer you one but as i have now started my diet i am willing to offer you this calorie bomb

here have this i don’t want it anymore you like left overs don’t you?

eeeeerrrr im too lazy i can’t throw this away in my own home and ohh i should make a friendly gesture….here have my out of date yoghurt. bingo i killed 2 birds with one yoghurt

well………..see unlike you i am polite, i will take your left over out of date trash even though i don’t eat this kind of food even if it was not out of date and i will throw it away when i get home since something might be wrong with your bin you can’t throw it away yourself

some people lack manners and are arrogant enough to think they are fine….huh i think ill mention this incident next time i see you….yeah just to set the record straight see im feeling a little feisty these days…………..but then again i might not see you again till you have another out of date food to throw away….ah no hang on you are on a diet…riiiggghhhttt….so you wont be shopping for a while now……………i better write down this incident or i’ll forget about it for when i see you next time