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she cracked the monkey code

after a few weeks of trial and error this girl (me) cracked the crappin code about URL redirect
now if you are too lazy to add the wordpress stuff simply doing will bring ya here

i still wonder why do they make these things so complicated an average meli monkey can’t figure it out……my theory is that they have to use all that shitty complicated terminology and overtly complex sounding instructions so that true geeks can show off its like if you have a geek friend and don’t remember anymore why you’re friends with them….well this is it, this is the ultimate reason
if however you’re not planning on playing with URLs then you are safe to ditch the geek friend

melicieuse grows up

bought a domain name last week thought it was going to be kiddy play to transfer wordpress blog to the new domain name (or is it the other way around!!!????!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! donno anymore)

wordpress off course would say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy a domain from them at maxi bucks), domain registration sites say its kiddy play (they want ya to buy from them for cheaappo price but then bump up the bill with a whole shabang of crap you don’t need)…………non of them however say that this kiddy has to have a master’s degree in computer science doubled with a master’s degree in English (yeah the language they use isnt exactly the A,B,Cs)

tip for wordpress and whatever site…….if you just took my money try not to make me feel like an idiot and give basic instructions…something simple that a regular chimpanzee like me would understand. guess what? if you make me feel smart i might be stupid enough to buy all those upgrades you want me to get like supersonic email

we all knew it was coming – now it is here

spray on clothes, yeah you read it right spray on clothes.

for my last post of today i thought i’d send you something that would make you a little less ignorant, spray on fabric has been invented. Scientist Paul Luckman and fashion designer Manel Torres ombined their knowledge to create this great novelty made from a mixture of cotton fibers, some sort of plastic and a solvent.

maybe this is the solution to clothe waste and to never having enough space in your wardrobe, imagine instead of having to stack 15 white t-shirts you can just have 2 bottles of spray and then re-spray to create different t-shirt styles everyday.

it is washable, re-usable and can create both summer and winter clothes. I can’t wait to have this in a store

England Vs USA – World Cup 2010……..what,why,when,who,how?

my second World Cup post, enjoy 🙂