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a hot cup of something

a hot cup of something (today it was a nice cup of organic chicory, i’m detoxing for a few weeks) with Adele on the background, no better way to start your day. The mama being here helps too, love and be loved

mine started 3 hours ago; my body started straight away but my brain only slowly comes into action

since i’m in a good mood, i’ll throw in a couple more goodies,

The pretty Leela James on a James Brown cover

since waking up is not evitable, you have to increase the tempo its just a matter of time till you have to be out in the jungle, some Debout sur le Zinc. Good morning ya’all

do the empty at lunch time

living in Europe I used to go hide in parks or on big public areas during my lunch break and day dream there for an hour.

parks were nice because you’d get some greenery, and you would feast your eyes on some of the city’s summer abnormalities (people – no gender differentiation- have strange habbits in some European capitals….at the sight of 2 rays of sun they would strip to their skimpies and pretend to sunbathe ignoring the fact that those 2 ray’s aren’t exactlyturning the local park into the new Bahamas)

big public areas were a different kind of awsom, you’d find a bench sit and watch……hell forget watching you can stare. a mixture of dozy tourists and locals getting angry with the obviously lost/confused/slow tourists…how dare they walk in front of me don’t they know this is MY pavement. in my head i used to play spot the country (did i mention i talk to myself, a lot), easy:

– they look asian with lots of electronic gadgets, the older ones usually in light brown kakis >> japanese

– they look asian with lots of electronic gadgets, all of them wearing some sort of brand (thy seem fond of Burberry)  >> chinese

– very little clothing, skin tight clothing (men and women), lots of fur in winter – lots of glitter in summer (and vice versa), fair skin or bright orange (depending on the size of their wallet, the bigger the brighter), men like to wear white a lot (season doesn’t matter, looking gay doesn’t matter the important thing is that if you can’t achieve a total white look you should at least have 2 items – shirt, pants,shoes,socks…anything, they all contribute) >> russian

– you can smell (perfume) them a mile before they reach you, proof that scent travels faster than light >> arabs

– you can hear them a mile before you can see them >> spaniard,italian

– you can hear them a mile before you can see them and when you see them you need to quickly wear your shades ….aiiii so bright >> africans (bright clothing)

– you can’t hear them, you cant smell them…..poof like magic they appear in front of you you….but when they do you have to wear your shades…..aii so bright >> scandinavians (i could swear that girl has see through skin)

– they look like they are going camping, thick socks, cargo pants, huge magical backpacks (they have everything in it, you name it you get it: biscuits, water, gum, fruit, bread,cheese, some sort of saussage, various tablets in case they get sick, tissues, toilet paper, map, compass,dried food, space suit, umbrella, camera, tent, portable kitchen sink) >> french, dutch

– classic stereotype (a true stereotype), sandals with socks (preferably brown sandals with grey or white socks) >> german

annnyyyyhooooooowwwww, moving away from europe i found new day dreaming spots for my lunch break. in our old office i used to run off and hide at the beach for an hour surprisingly no one questioned my increasingly prominent tan (yeah the office was a 7 minute drive from the beach). new office new place, i decided to drive off to the desert ( 10 minutes drive away) and guess what its fabulous….only difference no people watching. its big, empty, silent and amazing… sucks me in so much that i forget myself and stay longer than i’m supposed to my face turning a bizzar shade of pink. what to do in the desert? park the car in direction of the wind, open all doors and windows and let the air flow in then either

– watch the emptyness and meditate in silence

– watch the emptyness and daydream (a favorit)

– close your eyes and sleep

– cranck up the music and do a lil dance around the car (another favorit)… like no one’s watchin….eeermmmm no one’s watching (not recommended barefoot – trust me i tried- your feet will expand and it will result in you needing a new shoe collection)

today i tried a new lunch time daydream session, i had a pretend fruit picnic with a friend by the pool. it was fabulous, mixed a bit of all (day dreaming, amuzing conversation, laughs and pool people watching). if you are round and have buldging wobbly bits flowing out freely everywhere avoid wearing bright pink tiny bikinis (note to self)

now let’s try to go back to work (aint gonna happen)

if you smell

if you smell take a shower,

if you think you smell but you dont smell, take a shower

if you have a doubt that you smell and maybe you do or maybe you dont, take a shower

if you dont think you smell but have a doubt that you might smell, take a shower

if any of the above applies but cannot take a shower within the next 10 minutes use deodorant, perfume, remove a layer of clothing (if possible) and at all cost stay away from lifts for respect of your fellow humans

L’habit ne fait pas le moine

a French proverbe, in English it translates to “clothes don’t make the man”……and here is the problem, clothes DO make the man. I am noticing this fact even more since I have been going around the Middle East more often than before.

I am al for equality and not judging by appearances (so many cakes I would have missed eating if I had only judged by what they look like), but honestly i am more and more inclined to thinking this proverbe doesn’t work alone. for the “clothes don’t make the man” to work it needs to be followed by “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

you see two average Joes in the street, you need to ask something (lets say directions) who would you ask? the rough looking average Joe A with torn and or dirty clothes who looks like he hasn’t bothered showering for a week? or the clean looking average Joe B who is clean chaved and is wearing presentable clean clothes? let’s be honest you will not ask them for their CV and current job before you pick your target.

average Joe A can very well be the CEO of an influential corporation while average Joe B a mere tea boy, you would still ask the tea boy wouldn’t you.

in our beloved Middle East where apparence is king, clothes do make the man. you want good customer service then dress well. you want respect from administration workers then dress to impress. mind you its not a totally bad thing as it forces you to dig out all those fabulous impulsive buys that you weren’t sure you would ever wear one day.