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well done TNT

very appropriate

after a full long, very long, very very long day of ad agency presentation the below is very appropriate.

an ad agency presentation day is when a bunch of ad agencies come to see you and sell themselves, most of them believe in ruling by numbers (only 2or 3 people are needed, but usually 8 or 10 come along to fill your eyeballs)…………they try to explain your job to you and they apparently know more about your product than yourself, I mean off course they know you only created it and own it what do you know about it………now these guys with their Google stats fresh off the web that obviously no one would know how to get (especially not you the client) should be paid millions to run things for you while you stupidly continue on with your void of knowledge work life. One of them was arrogant enough/ or was it confident enough to try and give us a lesson in Facebook and Twitter…………..the room’s age group barely went over 35 so it was a bit like trying to give a teenage boy a lesson in Playstation 3


anyhow i leave you with this

oh no they diii’eeent

leave the ordinary behind

Al Jumeirah group for Burj Al Arab, i guess their room sales went down. maybe they should try third class European tour operators