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I LOVE CATS………..they don’t love you back

just saw this video on a friend’s Facebook wall, some people have too much love ….Happy Ramadan



put it za camera in my legs ya Mustapha

do tha twist yalla HOP, like tha arabesque but we are not balleeeh dansar, we have to make it little bit oriental.
apparently many confusion from 7aggala………to clear all confusion watch and learn
yalla in-out-up-out…..wiz twist HOP HOP HOP

il fait trop beau pour travailler

a hot cup of something

a hot cup of something (today it was a nice cup of organic chicory, i’m detoxing for a few weeks) with Adele on the background, no better way to start your day. The mama being here helps too, love and be loved

mine started 3 hours ago; my body started straight away but my brain only slowly comes into action

since i’m in a good mood, i’ll throw in a couple more goodies,

The pretty Leela James on a James Brown cover

since waking up is not evitable, you have to increase the tempo its just a matter of time till you have to be out in the jungle, some Debout sur le Zinc. Good morning ya’all

Nina will fix ya

woke up feeling like an old sock? this could be due to over sleeping, hangover, heat, dehydration, you feel like an old sock everyday, you are an old sock…….list not extensive

Nina will fix it (Nina Pastori that is), a couple of songs from her when you wake up and voila you are back to normal and full of spirituality, love, rhythm and sunshine

India on a hot lazy afternoon

Just because she’s awsom and is perfect for a hot lazy afternoon

and why not throw in some good old Erykah

trying to get his mitts in her oven?

stumbled on this one while flicking through the tv this morning, my next job i wanna be a lyric writer i already have the main words in my vocabulary all i have to do is write each word on a piece of paper, toss’em in a hat and then pull them out one at a time hoping they would rhyme

here goes

It’s like one, two, three, fuck it (sorry couldn’t remember what came after 3)
I’m bout to take this drink and just stuff it (chicken stuffing that is)
Fish tank this thing along with four more shots (best to keep your audience interested don’t lay out all your cards….keep’em guessing, does she mean tequila or is it rhum or voddy….what shots is she talking about? oooo could it be gun shots?)
of Patron I give a fuck about going home (so was that i wanna go home or i dont wanna go home…or is it i don’t care if i go home or not……that’s it keep the game keep’em guessing)
Straight buzzin Robotussin (not typos, Robotussin is Robutussin OK, you don’t need to know what it is its a secret word if you find out what it is you will have to be killed. this might be related to Robitussin the cough syrup…..but you’ll never know)
Wanna get ya mitts in my oven (ain’t talking about a cake here, and no relation to the earlier chicken stuffing action)
Wanna get a lick of this lovin (need i explain?)
G-g-g-get a lick of this lovin (direct order :-o)
Yeah, I like it loud (thought you might do)
And I’ll make you shout 
G-give you that Black Eyed Peas (did they pay for this?)
You know that Boom Boom Pow 
If you wanna get with me 
There’s some things you gotta know 
I like my beats fast (of course she’s talking about music beats)
And my bass down low (and yes this is definitely about the instrument)

oki need a lil more training and a few more word and i can write my own chart topper. next week we will do “make your own music video” (we might even use the same example)