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I LOVE CATS………..they don’t love you back

just saw this video on a friend’s Facebook wall, some people have too much love ….Happy Ramadan


put it za camera in my legs ya Mustapha

do tha twist yalla HOP, like tha arabesque but we are not balleeeh dansar, we have to make it little bit oriental.
apparently many confusion from 7aggala………to clear all confusion watch and learn
yalla in-out-up-out…..wiz twist HOP HOP HOP

il fait trop beau pour travailler

a hot cup of something

a hot cup of something (today it was a nice cup of organic chicory, i’m detoxing for a few weeks) with Adele on the background, no better way to start your day. The mama being here helps too, love and be loved

mine started 3 hours ago; my body started straight away but my brain only slowly comes into action

since i’m in a good mood, i’ll throw in a couple more goodies,

The pretty Leela James on a James Brown cover

since waking up is not evitable, you have to increase the tempo its just a matter of time till you have to be out in the jungle, some Debout sur le Zinc. Good morning ya’all