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Saif al Islam Ghaddafi didn’t die, he emailed me

i can’t say i’m not impressed by the advances of email scammers, they are now adding actuality flavors to their emails; nice touch guys nice touch. but in future try to use the name of someone who isn’t presumed dead.

my sister got the following email a couple of days ago, no comment ūüôā

My names are Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi, the son of the present president of Libya.

I am contacting for an urgent assistance. As you can read and see in the media, my family is presently undergoing tough time in the hand of the masses due to his long stay in power as the president of Libya for over 40 years now. Although there is no way you can satisfy human being, my father has done so many things to better the life of our people and unfortunately they never appreciated his effort.

The International community has reached a resolution for immediate seizure of our assets both in US and the UK.

I want to request your humble assistance to receive a total sum of $45.5 million US dollars which we have succeeded in moving the cash to an undisclosed Area.

You will receive this fund directly and keep in a safe keep while I shall come down to meet you for necessary investment as may be suggested by you. You should kindly let me know your percentage as we will be ready to share whatever percentage for your assistance.

Please me on my private email address.


Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi


what is it with ousted leaders and mysterious¬†illnesses? last I heard of Tusinia’s Ben Ali was that he was in a coma………….nor Egypt’s Moubarak is apparently in intensive care after a heart attack.

Libya’s¬†Gaddafi and Yemen’s Saleh should be quick before the list of “natural” disappearance illnesses runs out (disappearance illness= a grave illness which would result in the general public believing you are no longer fit to give explanations, speak or be judged……..and it also helps you¬†instantaneously disappear from everyone’s eyes and memory leaving you with a long happy peaceful life on a¬†Caribbean¬†island, it sometimes even has the bonus that some might feel sorry for you and decide to speak well of you – this of course depends on how many friends you have on facebook)

anyyyhoooowwww…….so far in the list coma and heart attack have both been taken, the likes of Gaddafi anf Saleh better be quick because the list isn’t too long and I think Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo already has his eye on one of these DIs (disappearance illness). The choices they have left are:

– stroke

– aneurysm

– late stage cancer (this one takes a little more ahead planning)

– sudden death (a little more drastic and it will be more expensive as you will have to arrange and pay for a funeral service – even if no one attends- complete with fake tomb. but at least you are safe that no one will have the bright idea to come look for you)

–¬†old school style¬†contagious¬†disease (Malaria, the Plague, Ebola, Cholera…etc) (you will get more sympathy even from people who really hate you but very risky as the media might suddenly run out of valuable news material and decide it is time to do an “old president illness update” story where they’ll start hunting you¬†¬†down to know how the illness affected you and have you been cured of have you died); if you decide however to go for the¬†acute¬†version of these¬†diseases then you will have intense sympathy and intense media coverage but you can peacefully and quickly “die” (which leads to the same expenses as with sudden death)

only thing i can say to the already sick 2 presidents is salamtak, get well soon

Prop 19, Schwarzi said no

so its official, the posession and cultivatio of marijuana is still illegal in the US state of California. The bill they tried to pass on for the legalisation was named Proposition 19 (hense the post title).

the vote collected a 45% yes which is huge, they said they will try it again in 2012 (Shwarzi voted no although he was for the yes a while ago). now the post is not about the vote or the legalisation, its about this funny series of ads i found on dear Youtube asking people to vote yes

we all knew it was coming – now it is here

spray on clothes, yeah you read it right spray on clothes.

for my last post of today i thought i’d send you something that would make you a little less ignorant, spray on fabric has been invented. Scientist Paul Luckman and fashion designer Manel Torres ombined their knowledge to create this great novelty made from a mixture of cotton fibers, some sort of plastic and a solvent.

maybe this is the solution to clothe waste and to never having enough space in your wardrobe, imagine instead of having to stack 15 white t-shirts you can just have 2 bottles of spray and then re-spray to create different t-shirt styles everyday.

it is washable, re-usable and can create both summer and winter clothes. I can’t wait to have this in a store

World Cup tidbits

3 major events as far as i am concerned

– Serbia kicking Germany’s ass………………….shocker

– Algeria¬†tying with England…………………….double shocker

– 4 North Korean players are missing…………not so shocking

About that last tidbit, Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that a Fifa¬†spokesman¬†confirmed that 4 North Korean players are missing from the otal count of players – Goal keeper Kim Myong Won,¬†midfielder¬†Kim Kyong Il and Pak Sung Hyok as well as striker An Chol Yok are¬†officially¬†missing……..their names weren’t even on the players list in the NKorea-Brazil game….these just had the mention “absent” next to their name.

Not sure if the players got swallowed by a NKorean vuvuzela………maybe one of them cracked a joke about Kim Jong-Il and the other 3 dared to laugh, or did they simply¬†seize¬†the chance of exceptionally being allowed outside the walls of their mother land to run off and somehow claim political exile…..screw the World Cup we’re outahere. Watch this space…..we might soon see Asian looking players in one of the African teams.

Germany – Serbia……I didn’t watch the game not much I can say

Algeria – England……………………wooohhhaaa, I have mixed feelings, I was cheering head to toe green I’m more than¬†satisfied with the game Algeria didn’t retreat to a defence only play like a lot of cases when less prestige teams play against giants they instead attacked and controlled the field…I am glad hey protected their net well but I was hoping for an even stronger offensive….they managed to get the ball to¬†England’s¬†box and¬†managed¬†to make them poop their pants but then the attacked somehow¬†fizzled……a few more goals would be apreciated.

If you were wondering where the 1-2-3 Viva l’Algerie was from, here you go

Hugo Chavez – Damn you Israel!

I was just reading a few online news sites and stumbled on a new conference by the great Chavez, in it he just simply says what everyone is thinking without daring to pronounce it. He is not re-inventing the wheel here, he is just not complying with the simple shut up and watch approach.

I managed to find an English translation, as well as a French one (sorry for the messy 3 post i couldn’t find an easy way to post for Dailymotion)

“Ch√°vez: Don’t you see the Yankie Empire? Don’t you see the Massacre, the genocidal state of Israel has committed? Against a pascifist group, who were delivering a humanitarian load of goods to the people of Palestine, who are in Gaza, encircled from all sides by Israel, they don’t even allow them water!
Masacred, well you’ve seen it for yourselves. And then there’s the USA. The USA has said “they are concerned!” Ah, they are worried..
Imagine, God forbid, this would happen in Venezuelan Waters! Are we already invaded? Be sure they’re not going to invade us!
But no, Israel is allowed to do anything, so this is an example of double standards.
The Obama administration condemns terrorism, only when it isn’t committed by themselves, themselves or their allies, Israel.
They accuse us, they accuse me! Accuse me of supporting terrorism! It’s them, they support terrorism!
I will say it again, from the depth of my soul: Damn you Israel, damn you! Terrorist and murderers!
And long live the People of Palestine!
And think of this, Israel finances the opposition in Venezuela. They finance the counter-revolution, there are Israeli Terrorist Groups and Mossad, who are following me, trying to kill me. That’s one of the burdons we have to deal with, but we’ve got them spotted, we know they’re all over the Caribean. And we have a lot of friends, they are not invisible, they’re not ‘the invisible man’. They are used to fight defenseless groups like the humanitarians. In the middle of the night they lower themselves from their helicopters, shooting their automatic guns. Most of those people were sleeping when they entered. In International Waters, it’s a War Crime!
Where is the International Legal Authority, where is the UN? Where is International Justice, for the love of God!
Where is Justice in this World?”

how much more oil can float on the surface of the ocean?

so when exactly is the US planning to stop that oil from gushing as well as cleaning up the mess???!!!! or are they planning to see how long  can they go about doing nothing (well at least nothing useful) before any international body says anything???!!!!!

Hello UN anybody there…..¬†perhaps¬†its time for you to make the member of the UNEP work for their salaries…..once it is all fixed i would be more than happy for the culprits to appear at a court of law, and really i wouldn’t mind of the government (US)¬†appears¬†in court too as being incapable of stopping the oil leak and not seeming to spend much time or resources at trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. See even if the oil spill is currently only hitting a US coast the whole planet shares the same water

any country or government who wanting to use the planet’s resources should do so responsibly, this includes cleaning up after yourself in case something messes up……………even if the mess wasn’t caused by you but by the people you employed, to the eyes of the world you are still responsible for fixing it