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you can be gay in your kitchen for 829 €

 photo in the current catalogue of a French homeware store, apparently its OK to be a gay couple if you have 829€ to spend on a new kitchen*


if you however chose to spend less on your kitchen then you can only be straight, for the “with happy kids” option you have to spend a minimum of 600€ on your new kitchen

*: gay boyfriend not included with the purchase

I LOVE CATS………..they don’t love you back

just saw this video on a friend’s Facebook wall, some people have too much love ….Happy Ramadan


Saif al Islam Ghaddafi didn’t die, he emailed me

i can’t say i’m not impressed by the advances of email scammers, they are now adding actuality flavors to their emails; nice touch guys nice touch. but in future try to use the name of someone who isn’t presumed dead.

my sister got the following email a couple of days ago, no comment 🙂

My names are Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi, the son of the present president of Libya.

I am contacting for an urgent assistance. As you can read and see in the media, my family is presently undergoing tough time in the hand of the masses due to his long stay in power as the president of Libya for over 40 years now. Although there is no way you can satisfy human being, my father has done so many things to better the life of our people and unfortunately they never appreciated his effort.

The International community has reached a resolution for immediate seizure of our assets both in US and the UK.

I want to request your humble assistance to receive a total sum of $45.5 million US dollars which we have succeeded in moving the cash to an undisclosed Area.

You will receive this fund directly and keep in a safe keep while I shall come down to meet you for necessary investment as may be suggested by you. You should kindly let me know your percentage as we will be ready to share whatever percentage for your assistance.

Please me on my private email address.


Saif Al Islam Ghadaffi

early june randomz

been a while heii
– the boys and football stereotype is true, a boy will watch a football game to be “one of the boys” even if he doesn’t particularly like the game and even if he doesn’t know or care about the playing teams. what counts is”to be one of the boys”
– some football players are paid waaaaay too much to run around a ball on grass for 90 minutes
– there is no such thing as too much sunshine
– to some people down is the only way forward…..when they reach the bottom they start digging
– people sending threat messages or giving threat speeches………what the hell do you think you ARE doing you idiot, these threats are just a mirror of your lack of confidence and an easy already made list of your insecurities
– Fleetwood Mac are still great and Eagles are still awesome
– eating cheese or drinking bubbly stuff before going to be will not give you nightmares…….they all lied
– there are a lot of Infinity FXs on Lebanese roads……..any rational explanation? did they hand them out for free???!!!
– proven fact, napping will enduce more napping
– diet pepsi is gross, normal pepsi is less gross but still has the yuk factor

ill add more later………….

meet Itsy and Bitsy

the best question is at 4:30 minutes “when will you explode?”

mon minou tout doux

been a while since i posted about ads, the opportunity just came up to post a new one. I am speechless at the latest work of Veet (Reckitt Benckiser) in case you don’t know them, they specialise in women hair removal products. Wax, razors, mousse….etc

I would die to get a peek into how much these masterminds got paid for their idea and execution and how much pot did the Reckitt Benckiser had to smoke to allow this to go on air (and yet again off course this is a French campaign, this would only happen in France)

their latest campaign features a female cat singing about how  “mon minou est tout doux” which literally translates to “my kitty is so soft”……but actually the real translation is “my lady genital area is so soft”

these marketing and creative geniusus got paid to make an animated Lolita cat (Lolita: a seductive adolescent girl or a sexually precocious young girl)  sing about how when her “kitty” is so soft it  does “miaww miaww”,  but when her “kitty” is prickly it does “poo poo”

on the list when her “minou/kitty” is so soft it has the following characterestics:

– it goes “miaww miaww”

– it likes to be caressed everywhere

– its her treasure her crown jewls

– its worth it

– its super cute

but when lolita cat doesn’t use Veet and her “kitty” is prickly it has the following characteristics:

– it goes “poo poo”

– it looks too rough around the edges, kind of lack an untamed badboy

– when it looks like a crazy dog, lolita doesn’t like it

mix that with an apparently boy cat perving from the window and lolita cat having a slutty’esque voice over (i wonder who sang this marvel)

so girls, want your “kitty” to be so very soft……. run to the shops and get your Veet wax or razors. no one wants a “kitty” looking like a crazy dog

would you put your ass on this?

smurf seat

or even this?

golden haze


if these are built and sold means someone is buying them, i’d love to see who dares put their ass on these? especially the smurfy one, I’d freakout to have a blue transfer print patch on my pants

i think i’ll make it my new hobby to walk around taking pictures of offensive furniture; whatever happened to simple? obviously it got murdered by a smurf