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Poverty tells many stories

in this holy month of Ramadan where giving should be a quentissential part of any Muslim, I found it apropriate to share this video with you. In our constant habbit of waste and over spending let us not forget the less fortunate, although i find this video refreshing as it shows that poverty doesn’t kill everything

this short film is by Isabel Prahl, the piece entitled Poverty tells many stories won first place in this year’s Young Director Award held in Cannes

Le dernier passager

“Le dernier passager” a short film by young Arab film director Mounes Khammar (Algerian to be precise), is amongst the 10 finalist of the short film category at the 63rd Cannes film festival (NFB Short Film Contest – Cannes 2010)

it is the story of a man who commits suicide and who’s ghost hangs around his old life not realising he is now dead, if you like it vote for it on You Tube

an old scratched CD in Paris

when you least expect it the human race will show you indisputable proofs of religious faith.

Under a little arcade in one of Paris’s most famous monuments this homeless old man was praying (a Muslim prayer), it took me a split second to decide I had to take a picture of him……everything about that image of him crystallised in my mind…..all the contrasts slapped me in the face, his poverty against the richness of his faith – how the world seemed to have forgotten him like we forget the homeless in our cities but he still remembered, he remembered to pray for us – his dishevelled homelessness against the majesty of the monument in which he has found refuge.

I stayed there staring at the old man…..5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, 15 minutes passed then i realised that the poor man was stuck in a prayer loop….yes a loop, he prayed for over 15 minutes in a loop, yes the irony of it all is that he was stuck on repeat just like a scratched CD repeating the same note without ending the song to move to the next one. the homeless old man was a scratched CD

Souma’s circus

the alarm clock was shaking it’s metal tushy getting ready to sing when it’s arms meet at 7:00 thus announcing the start of the morning ritual. The arms clapped at 7:00 and a China made electronic rooster crow blasted out…..the alarm clock got a slap on the face, it fell on the floor and the Chinese rooster cleared his voice and crowed again in defiance

Souma buried her head under her pillow in denial, closed her eyes and swam back to the dream she hadn’t finish…..when she reached dream island, she found the dream folks packing their bags she ran and ran as fast as she could across the grainy beach made of glitter sand making large flappy gestures with her arms to the dream folks.

When she reached she was so out of breath she crashed on the floor smiling that she’d reached on time……Lala the redhead ragdoll walked to Souma and stood at her head staring at Souma’s flushed breathless face

Lala: What’s up Souma, why are you so red and breathless

Souma: because I ran across the beach, I was afraid I wouldn’t catch you before you leave

Lala: huh…..why did you want to catch up, the show is over for today we folded the tent and look even Igor put his Monkeys back in the cage

Souma: no you can’t go, I didn’t see the hoopers yet….you can’t go yet I ran all the way to see them

Lala: ahhhh too late, you’ll see them tomorrow, we have to go we have another show in less than an hour. Besides Didi ringmaster just yelled at the elephant master because he was still playing with Pinko

Souma jumped to her feet allowing her to see Lala face to face instead of upside down – it was starting to make her dizzy. She looked at Lala and started running to the blue cart at the end of the circus ring


Souma: go pack don’t worry about me I know what I have to do

Souma reached Didi’s cart, she pushed open the door didn’t even bother knocking. Didi who was busy taking off his makeup startled and turned around, his mouth ready to curse

Didi: SOUMA what did you do that for? My hair almost jumped off my head….you know I don’t have much left I’d rather they don’t run away I still haven’t found a way to locate the ones that ran away last week

Souma: sorry, I had to be quick before you finished packing

Didi: what’s up?

Souma: I still haven’t seen the hoopers… can’t leave before I see the hoopers, I ran across the beach to catch you

Didi raised an eyebrow…makeup was melting off his face from the heat  inside his cart

Didi: you ran? But we have to go Souma, we have another show in less than an hour we will never make it on time

Souma: It’s just the hoopers….. PLEASE, I have to see the hoopers

Didi: you will see them tomorrow, we still have them with us for a full week. Now go away please let me finish this so I can go yell at the others

Souma stomped her foot down

Souma: I paid full price for this show…I demand that I see the hoopers

Didi: look kid, you won’t get hoopers today that’s my final answer. I can give you 7 minutes of clown show since I am also the troop’s clown but that’s all I can do today.

Souma: 7 MINUTES OF CLOWN…………… 7 MINUTES OF CLOWN, how is 7 minutes of clown going to make up for the hoopers. I demand the hoopers. in fact I won’t leave this cart till I see the hoopers

Didi rolled his eyes…..he knew Souma he’d seen her on dream island shows a few times before and knew how stubborn she was so he gave in.

Didi: right…..what if we have a trade off…. you let us do our packing, and you get to see 1 hooper in the ring but just one hooper we don’t have time for the full show

Souma jumped with glee and shook he head in approval. Didi sat at his desk one eye still smeared in melted makeup, got out his glitter cup circus phone and rang the hoopers’ cart, he asked them to send over young Sasha……a few minutes later with a small knock , Sasha opened the door

Didi: Sasha, this is Souma she wanted to see the hoopers but we are leaving. Please show her a few tricks just outside then go off to your packing.

Sasha nodded and walked out to the middle of the ring, Souma followed.

Sasha stood upwards his small hands clinched around his yellow hoolahoop and bowed to Souma who was now sitting on the floor near him.

Sasha slid into one of his hoolahoops…then he started twirling his torso the hoop woke up and circles his small body then he slid his 2 other hoops around his arms and started twirling. His small body was now boxed into 3 yellow twirling hoops. No one had packed the circus ring seashells, they were still sitting around…….when they sensed the awakening hoolahoops they cleared their cavities and started singing to the twirls.

The hoops responded to the song with powdery puffs of golden shimmer…….Souma’s eyes widened in amazement she was ever so happy she insisted to see this today.

Sasha started dancing around the ring filling the air in that golden shimmer, when the song was gone he calmed his hoops and bowed again to Souma announcing the show was over and that he now must go pack

Souma clapped till her hands tingled, she stood up and pretended to make her way back to the beach when in fact she was waiting to see where was Sasha going. She followed him discretely, Sasha reached the hoopers’ cart, left his hoolas outside and went in.

Souma waited till no one was watching, she took a hoop then started running toward the beach.

Souma was intoxicated by the golden shimmer she wanted to see it again. she stood on the beach and slid the hoop on her arm, she started twirling…….the hoop was making a ring but no shimmer

Souma twirled harder, then stuck got her head closer to the twirling ring so she could get a better look and that’s when the hoop hit her in the face.

Souma fell on the sand surprised by the shock , golden glitter sand went into her eyes and mouth, Souma dropped the hoop and was wiping the glitter from her face, but the more she wiped the more glitter there was.Glitter was now in her nose and ears, in her pockets and in her hair, she wiped away harder, then she realised she was sinking in the sand deeper and deeper she reached her arm up but couldn’t stand on her feet they were already gone.

Souma shut her eyes tight and screamed while she fell inside the glittery sand, she yelled for what felt like hours.

Then her arm hit something warm and soft, she stopped yelling and dared to open her eyes, a loud shimmering light splashed at her.

Souma sat up to see how she can climb out of the beach bottom, then she heard a familiar kookoo at her feet. She yawned, she was in her bed the Chinese rooster had started singing at the 7:10 snooze