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best cupcake frosting ever

im not a frosting fan, especially not on cupcakes. i always find them too sweet, too hard or too buttery

i love baking (not a fan of store bought baked goodies, i always find them too sweet/too chemical/too much icing/ too expensive) and today i made a batch of banana spice cupcakes for a sick friend

yeah i know cupcake craze that recently broke loose in the Middle East bla bla bla no seriously i don’t make cupcakes because they’r cute (although they are) but because they are easier to store and eat than a regular size cake, plus they make a nice present than regular big cake

for those of you who didn’t know (i hope that’s not too many people) a cupcake is simply a small size cake with lots of cute shit on top (yes same recipe as a normal sized cakes, yeah really. all you have to do is make your favorite normal size cake in small molds and adapt oven time to the mold used)

as this was a present i really wanted to frost the cakes, but as i am not a frosting fan (except for cream cheese frosting for carrot cake) i wasn’t sure what to do…….and what would go well with my mini banana bites (I made banana, cinnamon/nutmeg, walnut cupcakes)………….i trawled the internet for a few minutes and found honey cinnamon frosting

i had all the ingredients, recipe seemed simple and honey/cinnamon should go well with the cupcake. so i tried it and oh my this was the best frosting in the world, the texture was light, it wasn’t sickly sweet, and you could totally taste the cinnamon and honey…….oh and it only took  minutes to make

Honey & cinnamon frosting:

–  1 + 1/4 cup frosting sugar (sometimes called powder sugar or confectioners sugar. its the super powder white one)

– 1/2 cup unsalted butter at room temperature (it should be super soft but not melted)

– 1 table spoon honey (any honey would do)

– 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon (i put 1/4 teaspoon and it was fine)

put everything in a bowl, whisk with electric beater for a few minutes (till creamy)……aaaaand voila done. i used a teaspoon to frst the cakes no need for any fancy equipment. i frosted 20 cupcakes with the quantity and had some frosting left over (i used a little less than 1 teaspoon per cupcake but its up to taste)

perfect compliment to my spicy fruity cakes, thank you Martha Stewart 🙂

if you first don’t succeed…….pick yourself up and walk away

so I’ve been away for a while, no i haven’t ditched the blog or ran out of things to say or complain about. i just got busy with life

something happened to me yesterday that made me think about probabilities and knowing when to stop, not give up but to know your limit and just stop because the probabilities aren’t working with you and the odds aren’t smiling at you

I had been planning for an event that was meant to happen yesterday, everything was ready and all cogs of the operation were turning properly until at the time T a little tiny ink mark on a piece of paper made everything fall apart and the doors of bureaucratic hell opened up and handed me a ticket telling me to wait in the long queue.

After shaking earth and sky yesterday i decided to call it a day so I could get some sleep and try again today; today bright and early I continued that rattling and every time I had a little glimpse of hope something seemed to shut it off. every time a door or even a tiny window opened some annoying wind came blowing to shut it. conclusion event cancelled

after anger, sadness, annoyance, blahhness (an emotion between sad, angry, confused, disbelieving and boredom) I decided to pull a valuable lesson from all that trouble, when you first don’t succeed try again, if that doesn’t work know when to stop and walk away.

i am a stubborn person by nature and don’t like the notion of giving up, i like trying every possibility and abusing them adamant to make something work but now i know that sometimes when odds are against my will and nothing seems to be working it is best to stop, call it a day and keep some brain power for plan B

difficult part will be putting this new found genius conclusion into action


put it za camera in my legs ya Mustapha

do tha twist yalla HOP, like tha arabesque but we are not balleeeh dansar, we have to make it little bit oriental.
apparently many confusion from 7aggala………to clear all confusion watch and learn
yalla in-out-up-out…..wiz twist HOP HOP HOP

don’t let the fashion police catch ya

wearing your boxer shots outdoors, casually walking pretending they are normal shorts. confidence in your look is attractive, but trying to make us believe boxers are a pair of short shorts isn’t

don’t let them catch ya wearing:

– suspenders (although on the right person with the right pair of pants and the right shirt/t-shirt they can be to die for)

– suspenders hanging on your ass (no matter who wears them and what pants, the only way this will look hot is if you have a nice tanned 6 pack and are topless…….but then again this is a super thin line to passing on to the gay side of the fence)

– orange is a nice dynamic color, but don’t match your bright orange t-shirt to a pair of bright orange trainers. this will only work if you are 5 years old or younger, and even then your mom’s taste will be questioned

for a close up this orange lover is also on the top picture

i have been promoted to the rank of detective with the fashion -police, i am trigger happy i’ll shoot at will and you shall enter my wall of shame. be afraid, be very afraid

Nina will fix ya

woke up feeling like an old sock? this could be due to over sleeping, hangover, heat, dehydration, you feel like an old sock everyday, you are an old sock…….list not extensive

Nina will fix it (Nina Pastori that is), a couple of songs from her when you wake up and voila you are back to normal and full of spirituality, love, rhythm and sunshine

trying to get his mitts in her oven?

stumbled on this one while flicking through the tv this morning, my next job i wanna be a lyric writer i already have the main words in my vocabulary all i have to do is write each word on a piece of paper, toss’em in a hat and then pull them out one at a time hoping they would rhyme

here goes

It’s like one, two, three, fuck it (sorry couldn’t remember what came after 3)
I’m bout to take this drink and just stuff it (chicken stuffing that is)
Fish tank this thing along with four more shots (best to keep your audience interested don’t lay out all your cards….keep’em guessing, does she mean tequila or is it rhum or voddy….what shots is she talking about? oooo could it be gun shots?)
of Patron I give a fuck about going home (so was that i wanna go home or i dont wanna go home…or is it i don’t care if i go home or not……that’s it keep the game keep’em guessing)
Straight buzzin Robotussin (not typos, Robotussin is Robutussin OK, you don’t need to know what it is its a secret word if you find out what it is you will have to be killed. this might be related to Robitussin the cough syrup…..but you’ll never know)
Wanna get ya mitts in my oven (ain’t talking about a cake here, and no relation to the earlier chicken stuffing action)
Wanna get a lick of this lovin (need i explain?)
G-g-g-get a lick of this lovin (direct order :-o)
Yeah, I like it loud (thought you might do)
And I’ll make you shout 
G-give you that Black Eyed Peas (did they pay for this?)
You know that Boom Boom Pow 
If you wanna get with me 
There’s some things you gotta know 
I like my beats fast (of course she’s talking about music beats)
And my bass down low (and yes this is definitely about the instrument)

oki need a lil more training and a few more word and i can write my own chart topper. next week we will do “make your own music video” (we might even use the same example)


what is it with ousted leaders and mysterious illnesses? last I heard of Tusinia’s Ben Ali was that he was in a coma………….nor Egypt’s Moubarak is apparently in intensive care after a heart attack.

Libya’s Gaddafi and Yemen’s Saleh should be quick before the list of “natural” disappearance illnesses runs out (disappearance illness= a grave illness which would result in the general public believing you are no longer fit to give explanations, speak or be judged……..and it also helps you instantaneously disappear from everyone’s eyes and memory leaving you with a long happy peaceful life on a Caribbean island, it sometimes even has the bonus that some might feel sorry for you and decide to speak well of you – this of course depends on how many friends you have on facebook)

anyyyhoooowwww…….so far in the list coma and heart attack have both been taken, the likes of Gaddafi anf Saleh better be quick because the list isn’t too long and I think Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo already has his eye on one of these DIs (disappearance illness). The choices they have left are:

– stroke

– aneurysm

– late stage cancer (this one takes a little more ahead planning)

– sudden death (a little more drastic and it will be more expensive as you will have to arrange and pay for a funeral service – even if no one attends- complete with fake tomb. but at least you are safe that no one will have the bright idea to come look for you)

– old school style contagious disease (Malaria, the Plague, Ebola, Cholera…etc) (you will get more sympathy even from people who really hate you but very risky as the media might suddenly run out of valuable news material and decide it is time to do an “old president illness update” story where they’ll start hunting you  down to know how the illness affected you and have you been cured of have you died); if you decide however to go for the acute version of these diseases then you will have intense sympathy and intense media coverage but you can peacefully and quickly “die” (which leads to the same expenses as with sudden death)

only thing i can say to the already sick 2 presidents is salamtak, get well soon