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don’t let the fashion police catch ya

wearing your boxer shots outdoors, casually walking pretending they are normal shorts. confidence in your look is attractive, but trying to make us believe boxers are a pair of short shorts isn’t

don’t let them catch ya wearing:

– suspenders (although on the right person with the right pair of pants and the right shirt/t-shirt they can be to die for)

– suspenders hanging on your ass (no matter who wears them and what pants, the only way this will look hot is if you have a nice tanned 6 pack and are topless…….but then again this is a super thin line to passing on to the gay side of the fence)

– orange is a nice dynamic color, but don’t match your bright orange t-shirt to a pair of bright orange trainers. this will only work if you are 5 years old or younger, and even then your mom’s taste will be questioned

for a close up this orange lover is also on the top picture

i have been promoted to the rank of detective with the fashion -police, i am trigger happy i’ll shoot at will and you shall enter my wall of shame. be afraid, be very afraid

would you put your ass on this?

smurf seat

or even this?

golden haze


if these are built and sold means someone is buying them, i’d love to see who dares put their ass on these? especially the smurfy one, I’d freakout to have a blue transfer print patch on my pants

i think i’ll make it my new hobby to walk around taking pictures of offensive furniture; whatever happened to simple? obviously it got murdered by a smurf

bedtime randomz

been a while since i wrote randoms

– what is it with Russian hookers??? why are they sooo rude and nasty. the skinnier the nastier

-wearing a black thong under a white skin tight dress doesn’t make you sexy, it makes you color blind

– what is it with men and high heels, the minute you mount your ass on a few inches and all they see is monica bellucci

– if your 1 year old kid doesn’t like it where you are and starts jumping on other people’s feet take him home. dont believe it when people smile at you and say he is charming

– most cab drivers cannot drive…they can only cab

– having fizzy water with hot food is a bad idea…bad bad bad idea, unless you want to pretend ur a dragon

– if you have a water leak (no matter how small) don’t leave it and go away for a few days hoping it will “dry out”. unless you wanted an indoors pool

– are married men attracted to a certain type of women? i’m talking about women who aren’t their wife of course

– caught you starin at maahh legs, don’t look away pretend you didn’t. you got caught too late

– texting a girl past midnight offering a massage is considered flirting, if your wife is sleeping next to you or sitting next to you watching tv while you send that message then its considered to be rude

– you should always wear protection……eye protection that is. at night, it is advisable to go out wearing sunglasses/hat-cap (either one of them or both is even better); you never know when the midnight sun will strike. best be safe

– wearing fake arm tattoo sleeves desn’t make you cool…not sure what it makes you

if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones

even in solitude, don’t say or do anything blamable. Learn to respect yourself in front of your own conscience a lot more than respecting yourself in front of others. (Democritus)

men are only respectable as they respect (Ralph Emerson)

don’t insult people if you don’t want them to insult you back, don’t be arrogant enough to think you are untouchable you are just a dusty bug that will be squished with a thumb when i ask that thumb to do so.  It is just because god is great and that he created you that I have not yet asked this thumb to erase you off this planet (although I am still confused as to your purpose of being alive, but sometimes god has ways one should not try to understand)


now i can go vomit it might clear some of the disgust