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Anyone who has lived/living/ever visited the Arab Gulf region recently would have had at least one compulsory visit to one of the numerous state of the art malls any of these cities have.

Shopping is considered a sport in the region (I myself am a big fan especially when the sales marathon is on), what better place to practice this sport than the malls, my sisters, girlfriends and I affectionately call it Malling…..anyway my post wasn’t about the malls themselves or on how they go to extra lengths to make them “special” or different so that you’d shop there and no where else….etc etc etc, my post was about the Malling accesories.

To be able to Mall you either have to drive your car there (not always an option as is the case in KSA), take a cab (not always an option, cabs in some of the gulf region states are creepy), or the most common of all use a valuable accessory = the driver. Now what do you do with your Malling accessory AKA the driver when you are Malling when he has fulfilled half of his duty (dropping you at the Mall) he won’t follow you around the shops and alleys………..what do you do with him…..some women like me always send him off either to do another errand or to go home and rest and I call him when I am done. But alas not everyone does and in most Malls you find an army of bored/thirsty/tired drivers waiting for the “madames”  either in the over heated underground parking (they’re trying to run away from the day’s scorching sun) or in the outside parking topping up arm tan, now I have a suggestion…..why doesn’t any of these Malls have any facilities for drivers, a simple room in the mall with beverages maybe a TV and some reading material…I am sure they would all appreciate it.

I’m not talking about anything fancy, a few soft drink and coffee machines a few daily newspapers and why not a TV set with local TV (no need for satellite if they don’t want to go the extra mile). …..donno just a thought, tell me if you think this is stupid