like dipping your skin in summer holidays

having been reluctant for a long time to try this product, i finally gave in under the insistent pressure of one of my friends.

and boy was she right to insist. For years Roger et Gallet always conveyed either old airline Eau de Cologne or expired granny Eau de Toilette, not in a million years have i ever thought that i would actually willingly buy my very own bottle of something by that brand.

ladies and ladies (i only know a few boys who are manly enough to dare make their skin smell of cotton candy), i present to you Huile Sublime Bois d’Oranger by Roger Gallet. spray a few pppssshiiittts on your skin after a shower and it feels and smells as if you have dipped yourself in a bottle of summer holiday (you’l know what i mean when you try it).

this is not a perfume or a moisturizer, its more like a dry oil (yes there is such a thing) a few sprays and your skin is both moisturized and beautifully scented. a moisturizer won’t scent your arms as much and a perfume will never moisturize.

i now have a new addiction


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